Stress Storm

In human fitness theory, Interval Training is the practice of varying workouts to include intensive segments of exercise alternating with recovery segments. It's an example of "polarization", a deliberate widening of the usual distribution of something to include more of the extremes and less concentration near the middle. Interval training builds strength and speed.

So how about Life intervals? Practice daily (or hourly, or weekly, or annually?!) in the face of stress:

... and contrariwise ([[OM_-_Opposite?|of course]]!) occasionally take mindful "sprints" of hard activity too!

(cf Noise and Predictability (1999-09-14), Long Tails (2000-02-14), Training Tactics (2009-04-09), Power Spectrum Running (2012-09-09), Intermittent Intermittent Fasting, (2019-11-24) ...) - ^z - 2019-12-26