JonathanSturm and Bo Leuf are a pair of online journalizers, or diarists, or musers, or commentators, or ... (Self-styled Gits to use Jon's term -- BL ) whom I look up to as elder blogsmen. (True, we might well be taller than Mark. -- BL) We're all 50ish, but Sturm and Leuf are at least a few months ahead of me — and I don't want them to forget it! Both are consistently entertaining and prolific in their writing. Both on occasion post startling, thoughtful insights that at least temporarily derail my trains of thought. Often we disagree, but that's fine ... it's a chance to learn, or to sharpen opinions.

Besides parallels of ages and interests (and family situations), there's an amusing geographic relationship between JS and BL and ^z: our homes lie almost along a great circle on the Earth's surface running through Tasmania, Sweden, and the USA. TheFarthestPlace (11 July 2002) has a bit more on that cartographic theme.

Are there other middle-aged webbish scribblers on our same geodesic? (Polynesia? India?) Send a note, please, if you think you may qualify ....

(see [1] for Jonathan's domain; Bo's is no longer online)

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I suppose we all three share the characteristic of not being herd-people; we go our own way through life, questioning and wondering, never swallowing the "everyone knows that -" view. -- Bo Leuf

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