Sub 4:00, subtitled "Alan Webb and the Quest for the Fastest Mile", is an extended sports magazine feature article disguised as a book. Chris Lear follows young Mr. Webb during the spring of 2002 as Webb attends the University of Michigan, competes in a series of high-pressure track meets, and decides to drop out and turn professional. There's scant mention of education, other than college parties and race strategy. The writing is fast-reading but journalistic, not literary. Author Chris Lear is no Kenny Moore. The main lesson: elite runners train on the edge of injury, and often cross that boundary.

(cf. WithoutLimits (2005-02-12), BillBowerman (2006-02-18), Joan Benoit Samuelson (2008-01-16), Joan Benoit Samuelson on Growing Up (2008-02-14), ...) - ^z - 2008-11-27