"It's technical—you wouldn't understand!" is the archetypal putdown used by a scientist/engineer on a less-equation-oriented victim. Of course, the opposite zinger could be equally well thrown by an artiste at a techno-dweeb: "It's nontechnical—you wouldn't understand!"

Which brings me to one of my favorite modern terms: technical clothing. It's a fancy way to describe artificial (and usually expensive) fabrics that supposedly wick away moisture and keep a heavily-exercising wearer at a better temperature than ordinary materials. Given the natural human propensity to substitute money and cachet for common sense and hard work, technical garments tend to sell well.

But as far as I can tell, on summer days my clothes soon get sweat-saturated no matter what they're made of. So for me the simplest, cheapest, lightest-weight nylon mesh soccer jersey, found for a few dollars at a thrift store, is optimal. And then, half an hour into a warm-weather run, I have to take it off.

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