A pair of old science fiction books came to hand the other day --- two novels with similar central themes. Over the years I've enjoyed reading each of these stories more than once. I looked into them again in hopes of finding some characteristic passages to quote.

But (perhaps fortunately) they don't seem easily excerptable. Maybe that's part of their magic? Each possesses a solid style, strong action, and sharp ideas. Each also has plot holes huge enough for an asteroid to comfortably cruise through. Setting all that aside (along with some pedestrian prose and thin characterization) both books are charming in distinctive ways. They are:

The parallel core concepts in these novels reminds me of one of the most engaging early video games: Defender, in which a player flies around a tiny world attempting to rescue 10 little people from alien attackers. Two-dimensional, to be sure, but with a (cylindrical) twist, and at least a minimal excuse for shoot-em-up action....

(cf. Omamori (2012-03-09), ...) - TopicLiterature - 2002-05-27

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