(Warning!—this page contains relatively bloodless but anatomically detailed photos of toe surgery. Those of a delicate sensibility may prefer to avert their eyes or turn off image loading. Trail runners, on the other hand, will be fascinated at a glimpse of the mechanical engineering hidden inside one of their favorite digits.)

Torn toe tendon repair operation "before" - click to enlargeLate in the evening of 30 March 05 I tripped in my own living room and ripped my left big toe half off. Compared to the chafing I've experienced during some long runs there wasn't much pain, but since then I've been under house arrest with my foot imprisoned in a big, hard, velcro-festooned black boot. On 11 April a new friend, my podiatric surgeon, repaired the torn extensor tendon. Dr Abby Brannon has a great sense of humor and a contagious enthusiasm for her work. She also takes fine photographs. (On the left, a "before" picture of the toe. On the right, fifteen minutes later, an "after" image showing the repaired tendon.)Torn toe tendon repair operation "after" - click to enlarg

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