Ugly Arm

A fortnight after my tumble on the Appalachian Trail the fractured humerus is beginning to heal—but blood has leaked out from the broken bone and drained down to the lower arm. The bruise is now developed into an unæsthetic mottled violet tint as it creeps into the hand. of Day 15 the back of my left arm is turning almost black. It's not bad during the day, except for sudden twinges when I move the shoulder the wrong way. At night, however, I awaken every two hours. I move from bed to comfy chair and back, seeking a comfortable position.

With one arm in a sling and severely weakened I find it almost impossible to floss teeth, tie shoelaces, or open a beer bottle. But instead of pain pills I'm just trying to relax and be a wee bit more mindful. I'm thankful—it could have been a lot worse!

(cf. Humerus Fracture (2008-10-15), 2008-10-14 - JFK AT Familiarization, Bend Sinister (2008-10-24), ...) - ^z - 2008-10-30