Ultimo, Instant, Proximo

Archaisms are such fun! Although "inst." meaning "this month" is still sometimes seen, its siblings "ult." and "prox." seem to be extinct or almost so. From [1] on Alison Kilpatrick's site Arborealis:

  • Instant, the current month: as On the 10th Inst. or inst.
  • Ultimo, the month just past: as On the 10th ult.
  • Proximo, the next month: as On the 10th prox.

"Instant," for instante mense, in the current month; "Proximo," for proximo mense, in the next month; "Utlimo," for ultimo mense, in the last month (Latin).

Source: Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham. Etymology and Pronouncing Dictionary of Difficult Words. London: Ward, Lock, & Co.; New York; 1882.

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