Unwitnessed Hole in One

Friend Caren Jew recently shared a marvelous metaphor from John Morelock's column in the August 2008 Ultrarunning magazine:

I knew I could get from [trail] to [trail] in about 90 minutes of easy running, 80 minutes if I paid attention. A hundred minutes was a day of dreams and distractions. And that one day of 76 minutes was like an unwitnessed hole-in-one.

Caren's message led me to some sage advice offered on one of Morelock's web pages (still found in Google's cache, though his domain planetultramarathon.com seems to be defunct at the moment). A few excerpts:

(cf. Slower Runner's Guide (2002-10-30), Running Advice (2003-10-02), Survival Factors (2005-08-26), ...) - ^z - 2008-08-19

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