What Do You Think of When You Run

The Montgomery County Road Runners Club ([1] = MCRRC) is a wildly successful volunteer-based group that organizes races, training programs, clinics, parties, and a variety of other services for area walkers, joggers, sprinters, and distance runners. It all started in 1978. The best things in life are like that: they begin small and unpretentious, then grow naturally.

This year, in a wise move, the MCRRC has gathered more than a hundred of the most memorable articles from the Club newsletter/magazine (The Rundown) together and published them as a book. It's called What Do You Think of When You Run? and is simply delightful, a stew of advice, analysis, and anecdote that cuts across the widest spectrum of interest. I particularly enjoy the profiles of people whom I've met during my rambles along the trails. Sam Pizzigati [2] is a noteworthy author of these.

My only complaint: there's not enough poetry. Not any poetry, in fact. Maybe in another 25 years, at the next MCRRC quarter-century anniversary ...

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