"Mark Zimmermann" is not a common name, but it's far from rare. Last year, for instance, during an air trip I met a flight attendant bearing that handle --- but his family was all from Ohio, with no likely links to my folks in Texas for many generations. Other Mark Zimmermanns have contacted me via email. A high school friend and correspondent, Dr. Suzanne Schoener Burnham, ran across yet another unrelated MZ in the course of tracking me down in 1999.

But now I've discovered a famous (more or less) Mark Zimmermann, via search engine. Last year, web pages began to appear in ever-increasing numbers for a professional soccer player: [1] = Mark Zimmermann, Stürmer for the Stuttgart Kickers. Compared to me, the German native MZ is about 21 years younger, less hairy, a little taller, significantly lighter, doubtless in far better shape, likes to eat Bratwurst (I'm a vegetarian), and clearly makes more money and has more numerous fans. But a career in sports is always risky --- so my advice, Mark, is to save every pfennig for the future. Viel Gluck, Herr Zimmermann!

Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 07:48:04 (EST) = 2001-02-13

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