Wired Geek Lists

Wired magazine is trendy, boring, and full of ads, but occasionally publishes an entertaining bit or two for list-lovers. Among the "100 Quotes Every Geek Should Know" I'm sad to admit that I recognize a majority, but happy to see that the known/unknown ratio isn't much over 1. Sequels to the original Star Trek and Star Wars are hugely over-represented among the trivia items, as are popular TV shows. Critical editing could have helped trim the floss. Likewise sub-über geeky: the recent Wired list "9 Equations True Geeks Should (at Least Pretend to) Know". The set begins solidly with complex numbers, entropy, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, etc. — but soon devolves into the narrow, uninteresting, unimportant. Someone should have been embarrassed.

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