Wonderful Place

From Chapter 11 ("Building a Temple") of Subtle Sound: The Zen Teachings of Maurine Stuart:

The Buddha, while out walking one day, stopped and pointed and said, "This is a wonderful spot to build a temple." A bodhisattva stepped forward, placed a flower on that spot, and said, "I have just built a beautiful temple."


But where is the most wonderful spot to build a temple. It is in each one of us. The bodhisattva placing a flower on that spot is a bodhisattva placing a flower in our hearts. Each one of us, sitting on our cushions, is building a beautiful temple. Wherever we are is a wonderful place to build a temple.

Someone came to me and said, "I feel I'm so lacking." At this moment, what do you lack? Not a thing. "As the truth eternally reveals itself, this very place is the lotus land of purity; this very body is the body of the Buddha," Hakuin said. This very spot is a wonderful place to build a temple.

^z - 2017-04-16