Year of Running - 2009 at a glance are all the runs I logged in 2009: a total of ~1486 miles on 140 days, averaging ~28 miles/week.

2009 was quite a year. Looking back, the most memorable events weren't races—they were excursions with friends, sights seen, stresses survived, and "trail talk" that can never be repeated but will long be recalled. Among those to be thanked: Barry Smith, Caren Jew, Christina Caravoulias, CM Manlandro, Emaad Burki, Gayatri Datta, Kate Abbott, Ken Swab, Mary Ewell, ... and a host of others who may prefer to remain anonymous, comrades who made (almost!) every step a delight.

But races are races, and 2009 brought a goodly number of good ones, plus a plethora of noteworthy training runs. Some salient journal entries:

Later, analysis of speed versus distance and the factors that perhaps went into a lucky 2009 ...

(cf. Running Logbook, Running2006Analysis, 2009 Summer-Fall Tentative Race Calendar, ...) - ^z - 2010-01-08