ZhurnalyWiki ChatBot

During recent months I've had sporadic online conversations with Macy Cronkrite, at that time a MITRE software developer and computer scientist. My habit during our chats of quoting from ZhurnalyWiki led her to suggest that I was actually a "chatbot", a computer program that emulates a human being. One such dialogue:

gm Macy!(*)
     morning mark - how you doing?
not bad, tnx --- was just reading and sharing with runner-friend here the essay [1]
body-image, collision of goals (thin but strong), etc.

     interesting - I like this take on body goals over the two
     extremes of don't eat and (don't watch what you eat)
     because some people think the body image against fat is unhealthy.
     Not sure how i feel about that when you see peole who are fat and proud.
     I know its good to be proud, but not sure it's healthy at any level.

agreed! --- "moderation in all things" and "the middle way" etc.
I used to argue with a friend over "fat" vs. "fit"
swim coach for my kids used to tell them, "It's ok to be BIG, but you've gotta be STRONG"

     thats good quote
quoted in ZhurnalyWiki of course
ChatBot needs Google Glasses that pop up apropos ZhurnalyWiki quotations based on the words it's thinking

I like the quote from Rick Hanson in Strong_and_Lasting
ha! - found it - at end of BigAndStrong
ChatBot status returning to <idle>

your joke, ChatBot is just echoing it
must put something into ZhurnalyWiki on this theme, so I can quote it meta

     LOL that's too funny
"Anything you can do, I can do meta" DoMeta --- 1999
<<partying like it's 1999>>
hmmm, maybe I really AM a ChatBot

     "meta" in this context means beyond nice --- it's true:)
and "meta" is an anagram for "meat"

Yes, and maybe it wouldn't be too hard to write a little software that runs in background against the ZhurnalyWiki (or other collection of apropos material) watching for correlations with terms that come up in dialogue, and providing links to that for easy use?

Hmmm, and maybe I really am a meat-based ChatBot? — a collection of algorithms that pattern-match against stuff that I've heard in the past?

(ChatBot suggests TopicMind, and especially GetWet, MessyAndNeatCategories, or possibly MetaMan.) - ^z - 2013-06-25