2011-06-28 - Langley High School Lap

~4.5 miles @ ~10 min/mi

Dismembered deer carcass lies by Georgetown Pike. A bunny hops along the path, pauses, hops, darts into the brush. School is out for the summer. Yellow "Caution" tape stretches across the parking lot to bar cars so stripes can be repainted, easily ducked under. Gate to track is open. After a trot in the heat, one lap takes 1:47, hamstring still tight, weak, but even so faster than two years ago 2009-06-23 - Langley Lap, slower than 2009-06-24 - Balls Hill Rd. Water fountain by the bleachers works. On the way back a fast young runner in maroon shirt passes, offers fist-bump and encouraging words. Half a mile ahead he turns back. Compliment to him: "You make it look too easy!"

^z - 2011-07-12