2011-07-06 - Langley High School Lap

4+ miles @ ~10 min/mi

Radar shows thunderstorms churning to the west but drifting only slowly toward the DC area. A turquoise shirt materializes ahead and pulls me along the path by Georgetown Pike to Langley High School where its occupant gets into her car. Half a lap of walking on the track leads to a 1:42 lap and then another half lap recovery. Water from the fountain is warmer than body temperature when it hits the forehead. Two Shetland ponies stand in the parking lot behind the Montessori school. Mushrooms sprout in the median of the driveway. Finally, during the final steps of the return trip, a few raindrops fall. The locker room is mostly empty so it's OK to take a shower — twice in 29.9 years! — and stand under the fan to cool down.

^z - 2011-07-24