2011-07-10 - FTM with CM

~12.4 miles @ ~11 min/mi

Cara Marie Manlandro invites me to tag along with her and the MCRRC First Time Marathon (FTM) crew for which she's a pace-group leader. From home at 6am the 2+ miles to meet them at Candy Cane City is quiet, with an unscheduled porta-john break at Rays Meadow. The parking lot is full well before the 0630 start. CM's group has two other leaders, so she and I serve as sweepers during the ~5 mile trot down Beach Dr into Rock Creek Park until the turnaround at Pearce Mill. CM gives me a ride home afterwards. We briefly get lost in the neighborhood near Meadowbrook Stables.

(cf. GPS trackfiles [1] and [2]) - ^z - 2011-07-30