2011-11-24 - Thanksgiving Day Sligo-Randolph-Rock Creek Loop

~16 miles @ ~10.5 min/mi

I'm thankful to survive this afternoon's run: the first ~5 miles feel good, during the next ~5 the tires go flat, and on the final ~5 the wheels fall off. But the GPS trackfile map is kinda pretty, if you ignore the pace chart. The route is almost the same one that Cara Marie Manlandro (CM) and I did many months ago (2011-04-23 - Oh Deer Gate), similar to variations solo in past years (2004-12-04 - Sligo - Glenmont - Rock Creek Orbit, 2006-05-07 - Up Rock, Down Sligo, 2006-09-02 - Ernesto Mist). Turkey Day pedestrians and cyclists are out in large numbers, uniformly polite. Left metatarsals ache intermittently after the first half — thick socks in slightly-too-tight shoes? — and there's a momentary dizzy spell that soon passes. Overall average pace is the fastest I've done for the loop. Sun is low and temperatures are in the 50°F area with light west winds.

^z - 2011-12-05