2012-06-02 - Derwood Loop with CM

~5 miles @ ~11.7 min/mi

Wet tree branches hang low after yesterday's violent rainstorms, and as Cara Marie Manalandro and I run around her neighborhood the leaves brush our hair and moisten our scalps. A rabbit races away before I can take his photo. CM confesses at mile 4 that last night she went to her trainer and told him, "Break me!" and so he did, for 90 minutes — maybe that's why she feels a bit tired today? Great conversation ensues about her lab work and dissertation write-up. Runens on the iPhone says our splits are 11:16 + 11:24 + 10:56 + 11:55 + 11:59; the Garmin GPS trackfile is similar.

^z - 2012-06-20