2012-08-19 - RCT with Alyssa, Barry, and Rebecca

~6 miles @ ~10.6 min/mi

Deep-fried candy bars, carnival rides, and draft horses pulling multi-ton sledges: on Sunday evening Rebecca Rosenberg returns from West Virginia where at the State Fair she saw some truly amazing things. Alyssa Soumoff, a day after her 20+ mile run, trots along Rock Creek Trail with Rebecca and Barry Smith and me. We start at Ken-Gar ~6:30pm on a seasonably cool damp evening. The Garmin GPS trackfile shows splits 11:09 + 11:59 + 10:30 + 11:01 + 11:16 + 7:29 — that last as I excuse myself and sprint the final mile as hard as I can just to see what the old legs can do. Half a dozen little rabbits on the meadow south of Randolph Rd nibble the grass and dash away as we approach.

^z - 2012-09-08