2012-09-19 - Four 800m Repeats

~2.5 miles @ ~9.2 min/mi

Crescent moon hangs low. "Is it waxing or waning?" Robin asks as we circle the University of Maryland track. We've just dropped Gray off at orchestra rehearsal and dropped a toaster and a toaster-oven off at Value Village as donations.

"Waxing!" I pant out as I pass by during an interval sprint. No lights at the track mean that I have to click the button on the wrist GPS in order to see my times. Pairs of laps for 800m intervals are fast, 3:49 + 3:31 + 3:27 + 3:26 splits. Two young women chat during recovery between their hundred meter sprints. Runkeeper roughly concurs with the Garmin GPS.

^z - 2012-10-03