2012-10-17 - Ten 400m Intervals at UM

~3.6 miles @ ~9.4 min/mi

As Robin and I drive toward campus we speculate as to the odds on the track being unavailable. I give it 20% chance of preemption by soccer or other sporting event; after all, it happened two weeks ago. Robin is less optimistic and says 25%. As good Bayesians we revise our estimates when we see floodlights as we get closer — now I speculate that there's an 80% chance of a game. Wrong! Tonight one boy does sit-ups by the track, then leaves. Two girls, clad in black, are sprinting 100m repeats, then move outside the fence to toss a frisbee. Robin runs steadily while I push through ten 400m laps: 1:57 + 1:49 + 1:45 + 1:44 + 1:43 + 1:42 + 1:42 + 1:40 + 1:40 + 1:36. Then we're off to the Marathon Deli for sodas, salty fries, and gyros.

^z - 2012-11-03