2013-07-03 - Wet Mormon Temple Hill Repeats

~8 miles @ ~9.9 min/mi

At 5:41am there's plenty of light, so after bidding DW goodbye I trot in light rain through the woods — diverting to circle the lovely Mermaid Fountain — to Rock Creek. It's a workday Wednesday but I have a dental appointment at 0830 and awaken early enough to get some mileage in. Several dear friends are having a hard time nowadays in their home lives, and they're in my mind as I begin trotting up Stoneybrook St on the half-mile 5% grade Mormon Temple hill climb.

Try for two repeats? Three? Four? Five seems a stretch, but the first couple go smoothly at 5:10-5:20 for the climb and 4:30ish for the descent. The #4 RideOn bus outbound passes me and I wave. Another repeat, slowing during the downward trek to respond to a text message. The drizzle washes salty sweat into my eyes, and I use some water from my bottle to wash my face off. Pushing hard, the fifth climb is the fastest at 5:00 flat by my watch. I salute the #4 bus on its return trip and the driver beeps his horn in return.

On the homeward jog via McKenney Hills Park I divert past the neighborhood pool, fantasizing that bathing beauties may be visible there. Three are indeed present — two old bald men and a hairy younger fellow, swimming laps and pausing to chat. Two rabbits dart for safety as I pass by them. At home my weight is down 3 lbs due to dehydration. Runkeeper and Garmin generally concur on distance and pace.

^z - 2013-07-21