2016-04-11 - Schedule Management

~4.3 miles @ ~12.7 min/mi

"So I canceled my 8am meeting today, which was to discuss my overloaded calendar of meetings!" Kerry reports, metacognitively. Kristin and I concur that schedule management is a Turing-complete challenge worthy of Strong AI. The Dawn Patrol ramble this morning explores two new cut-throughs between Route 7 buildings and the Pimmit Hills 'hood. We find 54 cents in dropped change on sidewalks, parking lots, and dead-end streets.

Drs K&K brainstorm work issues after suggesting ways to sanitize my Bull Run Run report for family audiences, possibly via Seinfeld allusions or L33t Speak. Two days post-BRR I'm largely recovered. But as we descend a stairway to Burnside Court, "Yesterday here, you would have heard my quads crying!".

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