2016-09-26 - Tysons Corner Dawn

~5.3 miles @ ~12.8 min/mi

"Why do little boys insist on 'going commando'?" Kristin wonders. She recounts a weekend children's library activity, where a kid's wardrobe malfunction requires quick action by his mom. Kilt-clad trail running banter comes to mind.

The morning is brisk and Kerry's bad sniffles persist, so we loop around one side of Tysons and enjoy the sunrise. Long-duration management training offers two of us a chance to be guinea pigs for the third. "You can display leadership. 'Attack that hill!'; 'Don't quit!', etc. We'll agree with whatever your instructor says!". A huge St Bernard tugs at its leash, eager to run. Glowing eyes on a front porch are early Halloween decorations.

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