2016-10-02 - RCT with Barry

~8.0 miles @ ~12.7 min/mi

"What is the sound of one hill repeat, Grasshopper?" Barry asks, channeling the martial arts master of the old TV series "Kung Fu". I single-dog-dare him to climb the steep path to the KenGar neighborhood, and he accepts the challenge. A deafening-noisy freight train clatters by. We loop north to Randolph Road, returning 30 seconds too late to cheer Rebecca as she sets off with a group for a long fast run. Speed-walking Santa Steve greets us. Later today his hair will be dyed pink to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A big deer munches the bushes as we pass, and downstream two more doe-fawn pairs stand by the trail. After yesterday's trek the right ankle is achy but tolerable.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-10-31