2016-10-09 - Northwest Branch Trail with Amy, Quinn, and Mary

~4.3 miles @ ~24.1 min/mi

Amy and her son Quinn demonstrate their strength by lifting a boulder! (cf. 2013-09-29 - Northwest Branch and Sligo Creek with Barry and 2013-10-20 - NWBT and SCT with Stephanie for others showing off at the same spot ...)

It's a happy autumn afternoon ramble with friends along Northwest Branch in Wheaton. Tree trunks are covered with fungi-ears ... Pokémon lurk by the water of Northwest Branch ... friendly dogs greet us ... we step aside and pause for a parade of horses to pass ... a Boy Scout troop of hikers ambles by ...

... and of course there's nonstop great conversation! Quinn analyzes the evolutionary history of an alternative civilization composed of giant ant-man creatures he is inventing. His elders share their more mundane woes and joys. It's All Good!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-11-05