2016-10-29 - CJSVT Hike with Dr Mary

~5.5 miles @ ~20.3 min/mi

"Jefferson? He wasn't anywhere CLOSE to Adams!" says Dr Mary, hiking along the Cabin John Stream Valley Trail. We debate genius versus flaw, success versus circumstance. Society has come a long way, has a long way yet to go. A blue jay flits across the path to hide in a stand of bamboo. Above the creek a Frank Lloyd Wright house tempts someone into bushwhacking for a photo op. Polite cyclists and off-leash dogs scoot past.

"Don't pulverize your femur!", wisdom re accident avoidance on the steep hills, rocky and rooty. A two-point buck poses for the camera. Post-trek lunch at nearby Attman's Deli more than cancels out calories burned, alas.

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