2016-11-07 - Looking Up

~5.9 miles @ ~12.4 min/mi

"Sun Dog!" A bright spot of light floats above the eastern horizon as the Dawn Patrol loops through Tysons Corner. (But maybe it's actually a "Solar Pillar" or "False Sunrise" phenomenon?) Kristin foresees a hectic week of evening STEM activities with her kids. Cait reports that wedding plans are almost done already — cake, DJ, officiant, rings, dress, etc. — yay! Kerry runs this morning to recover from a too-busy weekend of too-little sleep and too-much work.

Pace is brisk, thanks to crisp November air and early meetings to prep for. Kristin spies a huge hawk, perched on a gable peak. It takes wing at our approach. Four jet contrails arc high across the sky.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-12-07