2018-03-05 - Sir Roger

~4.6 mi @ ~14.2 min/mi

"We shoveled!" K-Rex explains the realities of growing up in a coal-heated home, an era when cinders helped cars get traction on icy roads as well as forming a track surface. Dawn Patrol circles McLean on a brisk morning, taking back yard cut-throughs and pausing to thaw at Starbucks. The rising sun casts long shadows as the gibbous moon sets on the home stretch, a sprint to get K2 back in time for early meetings, in honor of the late Sir Roger Bannister.

"That toenail finally came off!" The Stone Mill 50 miler was in November last year. Evil Scale reads 156 again, up 4 lbs from a dehydrated anomaly yesterday.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-04-01