2018-03-18 - Sir Roger

~18.4 mi @ ~14.2 min/mi

Kensington tiny buddha statue"I hesitate, since this might be inappropriate," comments Ken, and pauses for half a beat. "OK", he says, and continues with the story. Stephanie laughs. We tour Kensington, sharing coffee and banter. Ken sips tea and lectures on gravity, Swiss medallions, and the risks of cliff-climbing on acid. A cut-through stairway leads past a log where tiny Buddha sits in lotus pose on top of a wee book, one hand held up in a mudra, the other tipping a bottle. A red jewel glitters on the statuette's chest. Fascinating!

"I don't have a Bracket!" somebody confesses. "We do!" others reply. A dumpster near Antique Row features a porcelain hawk posed to protect against pigeons. Wire-mesh art with mask and flowers invites a selfie op.

"Flashback to High School!" At the Einstein Titans' track we do four laps in memory of recently-departed Sir Roger Bannister, fastest at 1:43, the rest not so brisk. Hurdles tempt; we resist. Streets lead west to Stephanie's 'hood, then back to Ken-Gar where cars are parked. After Ken heads homeward we add a bit of mileage, musing about experiments in mindfulness, diet, friendships, and how long it tends to take to gather enough evidence to properly evaluate a hypothesis. Six months, minimum? Hmmmmm ...

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