2018-03-31 - Holy Saturday

~28.4 mi @ ~14.8 min/mi

Matching Socks for Jaybird and Roadkill"'Jaybird' and 'Slow Twitch'?" On the Valley Trail in Rock Creek Park we consider trail names for friends. Holy Saturday is a blessed day for a ramble in the park. We're thankful for good health, safety, friends, families, peace, joy, and beauty. Pace begins fast, sub-13 min/mi for the first 7 miles. Eventually we start listening to our bodies.
"Redemption!" Dr Fonda identifies a key theme of the film 'Magnolia' — and recommends the important movies 'Fight Club', 'Groundhog Day', and 'Joe Versus the Volcano' for human enlightenment — especially if one wants to understand companions. We share trail talk about challenges and accomplishments, plans and past results, hopes and the need to let go of them.Dragon Egg and Tulip
Meadowbrook Stables friendsAt Meadowbrook Stables friendly horses nuzzle for treats. Two of us wear coincidentally matching socks. A dragon's egg is discovered under a tree near mile 17 and makes it home intact for incubation. Watch out!

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