2019-10-04 - Ask Nature

~5.0 mi @ ~14.4 min/mi

"She's like Stephen Hawking!" Roadkill comments to Keymaster about how K2 simply smiles and listens as the kids debate philosophy, science, and Truth. ("Ask Nature!" said Hawking - cf Question Authority) Dawn Patrol sips coffee and rambles through Pimmit Hills while Rayleigh scattering subtracts shorter-wavelength photons to paint an amber sunrise.

"Hmmmm, 'Extremely constant'?" Keymaster ponders an oxymoronic phrase. We tread cautiously through the woods to Olney Park. No tripping on rocks or roots, please, with multiple marathons on the calendar for the coming weeks! How can the output of a neural network be properly interpreted as a probability? And how can hyper-busy end-users learn to use that information properly in their work?

"A crossing guard was posted here for Roadkill!" notes K2 when the friendly construction worker holds up her stop sign and blocks traffic just for us near the Metro. We analyze denial-of-service attacks and the tricky balance between trust and vulnerability, security and availability.

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