2020-11-07 - Ten Miles Plus

~10.1 mi @ ~19 min/mi

"Tell them it's exploring new corners of their flight envelope!" suggests Roadkill, to nudge data-driven engineering-mindset folks out of their comfort zones. A 10 second handheld iPhone Night Mode exposure catches Orion setting. Apple Watch 3's GPS inexplicably omits the first 2+ miles of Saturday's sunrise stroll to Sligo Creek (blue segment on map). Square Peg and Roadkill arrive simultaneously at Forest Grove Park, and proceed from there to Starbucks. After a brief loopback to fetch Roadkill's forgotten treking pole they return to meet Danger Man. The trio take the Parkway southeast to the middle school track, pausing to photograph chalk sketches and a new BBQ sign. Roadkill's solo saunter home is the first 10+ mile trek since the Fractured Femur at the 2019-11-09 - Stone Mill 50M 24k DNF.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2020-12-05