2021-01-02 - Data to Decisions via Causality and Chance

~7.8 mi @ ~20.6 min/mi

"We Rise by Lifting Others!" On a mural in Kensington monarch butterflies take wing to symbolize "... the power that a community has to help its members soar". Square Peg and Roadkill begin the Saturday sunrise trek sipping coffee and dreaming of a graphical language to help people think better: diagrams to connect data to decisions via causality and chance – "evidence-based model-driven decision advantage". After a few miles they loop back to meet Coney Counter for an easterly ramble.

"Why not be polite and build professional relationships for the long term?" someone asks. And, "Isn't it sad to look up words like 'narcissist' and 'sociopath' on the Internet, only to see you've already visited most of the links?" Danger Man appears, doing his Disney Dopey Challenge half marathon, and soon Half Full joins the gang. The Apple Watch omits the first few miles from the route map. Roadkill does almost the entire distance carrying his trekking pole under one arm, and the old knee seems no worse for it. Yay!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-02-01