2021-01-03 - Barry's Dopey

~3.6 mi @ ~15.8 min/mi and ~2.4 mi @ ~15.3 min/mi

"Bacon!" Danger Man's solo Dopey Challenge marathon begins as rain pauses on Sunday morning. Roadkill arrives to take photos at mile ~6 and donates a few slices of salty greasy wonder-food, aka bacon. By the time the duo meets again, half a mile up the trail, it's all gone! Maybe fry more for the next race?

"A 50 minute 5k!" Without a trekking pole, Roadkill walks and quasi-runs in 30-second intervals, thankfully without major knee pain. He joins Danger Man along Sligo Creek Trail and in Wheaton Regional Park, capturing video and enjoying the wet woods.

"Look behind you!" A few hours later, at Danger Man's race mile ~20, Roadkill returns and gives chase for half an hour before finally catching up. Again, minimal knee pain with no cane during 30 second slow-jog intervals is a happy sign of healing since the November 2019 femur fracture.

(trackfile and trackfile) - ^z - 2021-02-02