2021-01-17 - One Lap Plus

9.3 mi @ ~20.1 min/mi

"He just pulled up his pants!" Roadkill and Square Peg avert their eyes from a bushy-bearded pot-bellied gentleman (?) standing on his front steps facing a busy street. "Look the other way, at that statue of the Virgin Mary – and try to forget!" they advise each other.

"That's ... a 2:10 ... quarter ... mile!" A crimson sunrise fades as Roadkill pants in lane 3 while Square Peg chaperones him around the track from lane 4. Coney Counters analyzes track dimensions. (The Internet says standard lanes are 1.22 meters wide, so multiplying by 2π gives roughly a 7-8m bonus per lane as one moves out.) Half Full and Danger Man reminisce about past races. A trail through the woods dead-ends at a shed by a barrel full of empty beer cans. A tree on the Northwood Chesapeake Bay Trail in Breewood Park is decorated with a deer skull.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-02-16