2021-01-21 - On Top of Mount Getty

~3.3 mi @ ~18.3 min/mi

"General Getty should have a mountain named for him!" Roadkill warms up and flames out running up Belvedere Blvd to General Getty Park. The first quarter mile takes 3 minutes, as does the downhill return – and the old knee doesn't complain, much. Slowly, Rabbit, slowly! Patience! 🐰

"I closed The Rings with only minutes to spare!" Danger Man recounts falling asleep early and awakening just before midnight to maintain his Apple Watch fitness-goal streak. The twins ramble in the dark, pausing for photos of decorative lights. Reminiscing includes weird words from youthful Morse and Semaphore code proficiency tests.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-02-20