2021-02-13 - HOPE

~6.6 mi @ ~20.8 min/mi

"Beware the cabbages!" Roadkill warns Square Peg as the Dawn Patrol twins hurdle a street median full of ornamental kale. An early Saturday morning ramble leads to new cut-throughs, fascinating architecture, unique lawn art, and deep conversation about the journey from awareness through acceptance into action – and when and where to pause along the pathway. Should one try to help change troubled people, or just acknowledge their suffering and work on changing one's self? What are the right ways to be open and soft, loving and kind, attentive and objective? How can we embrace our ridiculous animal-humanity and laugh at our situation, while caring and transcending? Much to ponder, much to explore. A downtown Bethesda mural counsels "Hope". Yes!

"Starting to sleep now!" Autocorrect garbles a text-message warning that sleet is beginning, soon followed by freezing rain. Danger Man and K-Pop appear and join Square Peg; Roadkill punches out early.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-03-08