2021-02-20 - Rise Above

~9.5 mi @ ~23.2 min/mi

"I need to work on my Spread sheet!" Danger Man and Roadkill analyze weight records (and sometimes set weight records). Square Peg tells of satellite orbital equations and kids' happy accomplishments; their tragedies often are less scary than first feared. The trio's rambling route takes them along icy streets and brings back memories of where they lived years ago, carbon-dated based on who was in labor and gave birth to whom during which weather event. Speaking of which: today is Peg's happy birthday!

"Dig deep!" and "Rise Above!" Metacognitive metaphors, maybe useful. Then there are the benefits of mistakes, serendipitous email address errors in bringing new talent to bear. Explorers Lewis & Clark make a cameo appearance during a discussion of hydrological divides, the Chicago Canal, and the Great Basin. Social justice issues involve {urban, ethnic, educated} populations – and the opposite. We remember times when we could have done better toward others – and the opposite. Life is often tough – and the opposite. It's not a zero-sum game. All we can do is our best, given the circumstances. And we can help each other do better!

"Be kind!" a 2013 graduation speech by writer George Saunders suggests. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said, "When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I'm old, I admire kind people." And Saunders himself seems to be even more optimistic than Roadkill: "Oh, there's a nail in my head. It's great, I'll hang a coat on it, that'll be good." Ha!

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