2021-02-27 - Smurf Village

~9.0 mi @ ~22.5 min/mi

"Avocado toast with salmon!" tempts the breakfast menu at Java Nation. Square Peg and Roadkill arrive far before official opening, find an unlocked door, and are thankful for kind staff who bend the rules and serve excellent coffee. Saturday's trek starts in light rain at White Flint Park. The twins explore the Timberlawn neighborhood ("No Non-Resident Dog Walking!") in search of enlightenment, resolve to be kind, and discover a hole in the fence behind Tilden Middle School.

"It's a Smurf Village!" says Coney Counter, who arrives to lead an architectural history tour. Caro-LINE gives chocolate to K-Pop; Half Full and Danger Man join for a survey of the other side of the tracks. We share gratitude for good friends, good health, good times together!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-03-22