2021-02-28 - Slurpee Sale

5.9 mi @ 22.6 min/mi

"So what were the Six Flags that flew over Texas?" Danger Man comes up with almost all of them in response to Roadkill's challenge. Half Full is amused. Four big deer watch from the woods by Beach Dr as the trio amble downstream and back. Rain pauses, starts, and stops again. We discuss cosmology, taxes, gambling, and mysterious car symptoms.

About 90 minutes earlier Roadkill, solo, watches ducks dabble in the floodwaters that blanket much of KenGar Palisades Park. He climbs the steep path, crosses the train tracks, and finds a semi-sketchy shortcut between Howard and Knowles Ave via the Arden Courts "memory care community". Other cut-throughs lead back through Kensington to a 7-11 where Slurpees are on deep discount. On the return trip he discovers a steep path from dead-end Mertford St down a Rock Creek tributary that feeds the bogs where he began.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-03-23