Cats and Chocolate

Both cats and chocolate confer
    The gift of meaning to our life
Upon this Earth. A cat can purr
    And nuggle, cuzzle, prawl, and prance
Across a keyboard, on a lap,
    Breathe gently in one's face and then,
Obliviously blissful, tap
    The wellsprings of a heart in need.
A cat brings joy and laughter, warmth,
    Adds typographic errors that
Confuse, bemuse, or may improve.
    Cat cares not.

And similarly, chocolate grants
    A blissful tickle to the tongue
A sweet explosion, bitter-edged
    With alkaline nuances, notes
Of psychoactive chemicals
    To kiss a brainstem, tweak a mood,
Align the hypothalamus
    Toward a reward of joy and calm,
A self-care bar of mindfulness.

    Some say there is no paradise —
Though chocolate with a cat nearby
    Comes close!

(for Brigitta, noodge & muse — Happy Birthday!) - ^z - 2020-04-27