Comments on 2004-04-04 - Western Ridge and Valley Trails

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"where suddenly it becomes terrifying. Huge trees have fallen across the route, and after cautiously clambering through them there are some severely eroded segments of cliffside: rotten shale covered with wet leaves and mud, plus a bonus 50 foot drop into Rock Creek."

You're not kidding!!! I put the drop at 30-40 feet, but only because I was certain my sudden bout of vertigo overly-exxagerated the distance. Re: the fallen tree, I've gone both over and around, and have a good scare both times. But in spite of the relative "un-runnability" of that half mile section just south of Pierce Mill, the view sure is beautiful as you descend the valley to the intersection with the Melvin-Hazen Trail.

I did the full Valley Trail last Friday (have yet to post), and came across the section closed due to erosion. Perhaps because I was about eight miles in at that point and not thinking straight, I took the beaten path around the fence and ran the closed section. You did well to stay off it -- erosion indeed means erosion, and the trail literally hugs a cliff-like 10-foot drop for about a quarter of a mile, on saturated ground that feels ready to give way the entire length. Not very safe. -- ANS