Create a Tribe

Wise thoughts about helping each other, from elite runner and coach Shalane Flanagan:

    If you're lonely at the top,
you did it wrong. High performers
    focus on pulling others up
along with them. They are generous
    as they rise and create a tribe.

... and another recent comment from Flanagan about patience and teamwork:

Everyone gets their turn.

If there is anything I learned through my 16 year professional running career, it's that you don't get to pick your "big and special" moment but you WILL get YOUR moment. Unfortunately, you usually don't get to chose when it happens.

So it's best to go into every race (or anything in life) prepared. The big breakthrough is right around the corner. And bring with you the mentality of "Why not me?" Your time will come. So in the meantime, until it's your turn, invest in your teammates, friends, and family, because THEIR success is YOUR success. You pushed them to get there.

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