Goodness Is Interesting

From "Mister Rogers and the Reformation of Tom Junod", Stephanie Russell-Craft's essay-interview in Columbia Journalism Review, February 2020, a deep insight:

When I first met Fred, I knew that he was different from anybody else I'd ever met. And the thing that sustained me through the reporting and writing has turned out to be what has sustained me through my career since then: it has been this possibility that goodness might be as interesting as evil. Ever since I was quite young, I was mystified by the existence of human evil. But Fred offered me a completely different avenue of inquiry. I look at my career as "before Fred" and "after Fred."

... such an important inversion! — applauding and analyzing Goodness, the flip-side of pessimism and hatred and selfishness — like looking not at the words but at the spaces ... hearing not the notes but the rests in a musical composition ... examining not the speaker but the listener ... regretting not the past, planning not the future, but attending to the thin layer of present-in-between where decisions happen ...

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