It Never Ends

From Day 35 of Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison's Meditations from the Mat, in which the flowing style of postures (asanas) in Gates's yoga leads him to muse:

... it is our tendency to pay attention to the postures themselves, but not to the spaces in between. So it is in life. We leave one relationship or job and set our sights on the next. We cross one item off the to-do list and dive into the next chore. The illusion is that the posture ends. The reality is that the posture never ends, it just shifts from one form to the next, one lesson to the next, one opportunity to the next. We remain life's student whether we are inhaling or exhaling, in a relationship or out of one, saving the world or looking for a temp job. The posture never ends. I am in the posture when I look into my wife's eyes, and I am in the posture when I look into my waiter's eyes. Both are holy interactions. The illusion is that there is separation, levels of importance, beginnings and endings. Yoga brings us to the understanding that the posture never ends.

(cf. Try It for a Few Years (2009-05-19), Being with Your Breath (2010-02-20), ...) - ^z - 2013-08-25