Late on the Sixth Day

Late on the Sixth Day new ideas
        for creatures ran a little dry,
and when someone said "Panda Ants"
        the First's reaction was, "Let's try!"
Soon fuzzy myrmidons of black
        and white began to crawl the floor.
"That's Good!" said the All-Mother, and
        with that she opened wide the door
to Orca Hawks and Penguin Pigs,
        Scorpion Hamsters, Aardvark Frogs,
Koala Cobras, Beetle Squirrels,
        wee Titmouse Mice, huge Slime Mold Dogs.

But after crafting countless more
        chimeras, Nature had to ask
what was the point of portmanteaus?
        And so she set herself the task
to make a hybrid with contrasts
        impossible to supersede,
a combination so outré
        that when she finished with the deed,
She disbelieved that there could be
        a single species with a span
so disparate. Yet there they stood,
        ... Woman ... and ... Man.