Mimzy's Birthday

On Mimzy's birthday she awoke
    Standing under her favorite tree.
She flicked her tail and tossed her head
    Dislodging leaves that she could see
Had fallen on her rainbow hair,
    Perhaps between midnight and three.

She looked around, quite puzzled that
    Her family was not in sight.
The forest twittered as the birds
    Chirped at each other and took flight.
Then branches swayed, and rising gusts
    Of wind brought clouds that dimmed the light.

"A storm!" thought Mimzy, and recalled
    A cavern not too far away
To which the unicorns would go,
    A shelter in which they could stay
All warm and dry and comfortable
    In winter when the skies turned gray.

So cautiously she took the path,
    Entered the cave, then stopped in fear.
A fire flickered, shadows loomed.
    "Oh no!" she sensed. "There's someone near!"
She turned to flee. "Please wait," she heard
    A voice say, "You're much safer here!"

A flash of lightning lit the room
    And thunder boomed as from behind
The flames there stepped a woman. "Call
    "Me Miriam," she said, "and mind
Your horn — the ceiling's rather low!"
    She smiled and said, "I think you'll find"

"Your party's in the cave next-door.
    Your parents sent me, since they knew
You'd get here just in time. They asked
    For me to give you this tutu
To wear, and help you braid your mane.
    Let's sprinkle on some glitter too!"

And so the Lady Miriam
    Applied her magic, and when she
Was done, the happy unicorn
    Glowed in a beauty all could see.
Guests opened presents, danced, ate cake,
    And sang, "Happy Birthday, Mimzy!"

Then Mimzy curtsied, thanked her friends,
    And winked at Lady Miriam.

(for B-ff's daughter whose birthday was earlier this week) - ^z - 2020-05-02